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please add the article to the vocabulary list

In the Spanish vocabulary the articles (m/f for gender) are missing. Everywhere else you are told how important it is to learn the correct article from the start. So please help us by adding the article to the vocabulary list (or at least the m/f gender marker). This does of course not make oddities such as el agua (f) easier to learn. But the rest will be easier.

February 10, 2013



Yes yes Yes ... Translating from English to German seems to me to be mostly hindered by gender ( i often have to resort to guessing) ... I believe ALWAYS presenting a noun with its article will be a effective memory aid ... If all I hear is a persons last name, I never learn the first name. A brain loves associations and can separate out the article as needed.


I completely agree and was about to send a feedback posting about this issue. It is incredibly helpful to learn the article with the word, so in your head you remember it as one word. Hope they attend to this. Desfina


I support this idea, this is so inconsequent, you tell us "It is important to learn every noun along with its gender" and then you give us word list without this information.


I just searched for a thread regarding this matter. Rules for German language are almost all in relation to gender. Please add the article to the German vocabulary list.


I'm learning German, and I completely agree! It would be great to have articles before vocabulary words!


Please add gender to Vocabulary list. Thank you!


What if all nouns were colour coded with there respective genders? So everytime a masculine noun was used the font was the colour blue, and feminine nouns were pink. Maybe this would help create the association between the word and its gender?


Good idea, worth considering, but it would not help me, I'm not synesthetic.


Yep. I'm thinking about doing this myself on my own vocabulary list.


I also agree (am learning German), articles are tricky and one needs all the help he can get :). Happy learning to all!


Absolutely agree! Looking forward to see it!


Please oh please. I always read the list of words after a lesson, but without the gender... (And, in German, the plural!). Do, Duo, and you will win at least three internets.


When I learned German in a classroom, I was always taught that learning the word without the gender was useless and like only learning half the word. So WHY isn't the article (gender) put in the vocab lists? I am very curious why this wouldn't be an obvious thing to do when making the service?


I agree wholeheartedly!


Agree - it seems odd that if you can't remember a word you can peek to find it, but if you can remember the word but not the gender you just have to take a guess.


I'm on board with this, too. It hinders progress in French, as well, since adjective endings are determined by the gender of the noun they describe. It's extremely frustrating to fail lessons because I used the "wrong" form of an adjective (or pronoun, or whatever) when I misidentified the noun gender.

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