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"Το ίδιο το φαγητό είναι έτοιμο."

Translation:The food itself is ready.

October 26, 2016



Does this sentence make sense in Greek? It wouldn't really be used in English..


It isn't really used in Greek as well.


"Are you ready to eat? The food itself is ready". It may be whimsical, but there is a use. Besides, such sentences are more for practice.


I think in English pretty much everyone would say "Are you ready to eat? The food is ready." English does not need "itself" and it's not natural there. How does this sentence differ in Greek from a sentence that just says "the food is ready"? In Greek, what is the point of the reflexive "itself" in this construction?


"The pan is burned, but the food itself is not quite cooked". English phrase example.


In the vast majority of cases the "itself" part would be omitted and the sentence would still be clearly understood because English doesn't really use this type of phrasing. And I've never understood why Duolingo has this obsession of forcing literal translations that don't make sense over actual proper translations.


"Is everything ready for the meal?" "We don't have cutlery yet, but the food itself is ready".

That seems entirely natural English to me, so I wouldn't agree that "English doesn't really use this type of phrasing".

You could remove the "itself" from the sentence, and you wouldn't change the semantic meaning, but you would change the emphasis.


Or at least it forces us to render in word choice things we would normally express with intonation and stress. I would imagine that in nearly all cases of contrasting emphasis such as this, stress alone would be enough.


Yes that example makes more sense thanks.


Or: The waiter is outside smoking, but the food itself is ready


Would Το ίδιο φαγητό simply mean the same food?


So should "The same food is ready?" be accpeted as answer? I know it doesn't sound right in English though.

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The sentence above says "το ίδιο το φαγητό" not "το ίδιο φαγητό"=the same food ;)


Whoops! Cheers!


That's right, without the article το.


For me the Greek course has been excellent. I returned from Cyprus in 2000, after living there for 12 years, so my Greek was getting very rusty. I now know more Greek than I ever did also my English has improved as a result. So hats off to everyone who been working so hard to make this course and answer all the questions. I am looking forward to the new tree, any ideas when it will be rolling out?


Thank you! Our work has intensified, we're looking forward to it as well. There's not an exact ETA, though.


Ok SO! say the same sentence without το ιδιο and you are speaking correctly.This makes no sense in greek nor in any other language. Το φαγητο ειναι ετοιμο=The food is ready


"Το φαγητό το ίδιο ήταν νόστιμο, αλλά το σέρβις μπορεί ακόμα να βελτιωθεί." (=The food itself was tasty, but the service can still be improved.)


I have problem with translating το φαγητό with the "food". what I know and heard is that το φαγητό is a meal. please help

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Φαγητό=food, meal=γεύμα. ;)

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