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Latin for Duolingo: Infinitives, Lesson 2

Salvete omnes! Welcome back to Latin for Duolingo. This is an ongoing, unofficial course in Latin; if you would like to catch up with previous lessons, you can find a directory, a classified vocabulary list, and Memrise courses at these links:

We continue with Latin sentences using infinitives this week. As we saw last time, many Latin verbs require a complementary infinitive to make sense. This time, we’ll continue with practice, remembering that the infinitive is the 2nd principal part in the vocabulary listings. The infinitive endings for regular verbs in the 4 conjugations look like this: “are, ēre, ere, ire” (portare, monēre, mittere, audire). Deponent verbs have infinitive endings that look like “ari, ēri, i, iri” (hortari, verēri, sequi, oriri) (these same endings will be typical of the present passive infinitive, if/when we eventually get to it). The 3rd conjugation form, with no “r” in it, is the hardest to remember. This lesson I’m also putting in some new verbs that I somehow overlooked in all our previous verb lessons, and that will help form more typical Duo sentences.

New Vocabulary
exspecto, 1 = wait, wait for
pernocto, 1 = spend the night, stay all night long n.b. for “spend time” in general, you may use “sumo”
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus, 3 (i-stem) = begin, undertake
ineo, inire, inii (inivi), initus, irreg. = go in, enter, begin

New Sentences
Lucia ridēre incipit. = Lucia begins to laugh.
Intellegere incipiunt. = They are beginning to understand.
Incipere volunt. = They want to begin.
Quinque dies exspectat. = He waits five days.
Duas horas exspectare debes. = You ought to wait two hours.
Exspectare non possum! = I cannot wait!
Visne hic pernoctare? = Do you want to spend the night here?
Foris pernoctare nolo. = I do not want to spend the night outside.
Domum ineo. = I enter/go into the house.
Licetne mihi inire domum? = May I enter/go into the house?
Fieri potest. = It is possible, it can happen/be done.
Fieri non potest. = It is impossible, it cannot happen.
Marcus vult fieri medicus. = Marcus wants to become a doctor.
Gaius fieri imperator vult. = Gaius wants to become commander.
Nolunt fieri vigiles publici. = They do not want to become policemen.
Sequi raedam albam incipio. = I am beginning to follow the white car.
Potesne cum Marco loqui? = Can you speak with Marcus?
Mater tecum loqui vult. = Mother wants to talk to/with you.
Gaius conari potest. = Gaius can try.
Mori nolumus. = We do not want to die.
Aqua fervēre incipit. = The water begins to boil.
Debes hoc uti. = You should use this.
Recordari non possum. = I cannot remember.

We’ll have more infinitives next time. Valete et habete bonam fortunam!

On to the next lesson: Infinitives 3

October 26, 2016

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