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La kurso por la Hispane-parolantoj estas disponebla!

Ho mia kor'

Kia bonega tago.

Soon, you will be able to speak in Esperanto with many Spanish speakers.


October 26, 2016



Great! Hopefully they'll soon add a new course to the Incubator in place of this one (they've sometimes done that before). Even more hopefully one teaching a new language :)


Looks like you could use another. ;P


Esperanto for Spanish speakers is out of beta! Esperanto for Portuguese speakers is getting close to beta... Finally, Esperanto for Chinese speakers has been suggested (by me)!


As a native Spanish Speaker, I'm very happy for this, now I'll be able to learn Esperanto easily. Ĝis!


Am I the only one who did the first few lessons and found the next twenty unlocked instead of the usual two or three? Is this a problem or glitch that I should alert the creators to?


Completing the first "Presentate" section just now only opened up "Frases" & "Clima" for me.


I completed up to 'dia a dia' and it opened up to 'tiempo'


That's quite the impressive array of languages you have there!


Same here, thus far. Is there an esperanto from spanish discussion thread yet? I was looking but can't see one?

Edit that: I found it, i should look harder!


Might be a glitch, the same thing happened to me when I did the English for Spanish speakers course. I wanted to test out at a checkpoint, but I failed. Maybe as a "prize" they opened a lot of skills :P


How much does the Spanish course differ from the English course? Are there many differences or are they more or less the same?


The main difference I found is in the position of the skills. They teach the same words.

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