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Plurals and Plurals definites should be split.

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So I started Swedish, lost track and got back into it now. And I'm struggling with plurals.

The page that explains the plurals is way to 'fast'. There is a difference how a word is spelled just plural and the plural definite. It feels like I'm missing some information to do it correct right away.

I also feel like we should first learn how to make words plural, and afterwards (in a seperate skill) learn the definites of plurals.

Am I the only 1 in this?

Regards, John

1 year ago


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I started Swedish for the first time. At the beginning I also felt that lesson about plurals was hard. But I didn't worry and very often clicked on "Strenghten skills" button. I didn't go to next lesson until didn't reach fluency. I wanted to doing exercises without thinking.

Now I am four lessons away and I translate a lot of words off the top of head. So now the separation of skills is no matter for me. Practice makes perfect.

Could you correct my English please?


1 year ago


Yes, absolutely! I felt the same way! the rules for plurals are quite complex, but in the questions not even once I was asked to form a "normal" plural, but always the definite form. And I did the excercises 2x and the strengthening as well. So yes, I agree they should be separated. And maybe then also a couple of words of explanation on how to actually form the definite plural. Because that is not mentioned at all.

1 year ago