"The blouse and the pants."

Translation:Η μπλούζα και το παντελόνι.

October 27, 2016

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In American usage, too, pants do not denote underpants.


No difference between "βρακιά" and "παντελόνι"?


Actually, there is a difference. "παντελόνι" are what you wear on the outside "pants" or "trousers". "βρακιά" are "underwear" and worn on the inside and are called: "panties", "underpants" "boxers" ...etc.


nether underwear can be "pants" in UK English. (It's where "panties" is from - child language for "pants".)


why does DUO not accept"pantaloni" as the correct answer when it is exactly what is given HERE as correct ?? I reported it.


I'm guessing that you got the article wrong.

Also, it's παντελόνι with epsilon and not "pantaloni" with an -a- in the middle.


NO, I choose from the two possibilities offered by DUO., I DID NOT write anything myself.


There's no way for anyone to tell what kind of exercise you saw (or if it was a multiple-choice exercise, what the three options displayed were exactly - they're chosen at random).


i will go back to the exercise to see how it was presented. thanks.


For "μπλούζα" the first recommendation of article is "το"


For "μπλούζα" the first recommendation of article is "το"

The hints are not "recommendations" and you cannot trust the order.

The word "the" appears twice in the English phrase and has to be translated in two different ways -- but since Duolingo is only a computer program and doesn't actually understand English or Greek, it doesn't know which "the" goes with η and which "the" goes with το, so it shows the same hints in the same order for both of them.

The hints can only jog your memory, not supply answers. You have to learn Greek and know that μπλούζα is feminine and παντελόνι is neuter -- which is fairly easy since nearly all nouns in -α are feminine and nearly all nouns in -ι are neuter. And you have to choose the correct article. (Possibly after looking at the hints.) You can't rely on Duolingo to serve you the correct answer without thinking or learning.

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