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"He left the restaurant without paying."

Překlad:On opustil tu restauraci bez zaplacení.

October 27, 2016

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Can I use "odjízděl" here?


"Odjižděl" has couple issues in this sentence. First it means to be leaving by some kind of a transportation. Car, bus, bike, you name it. "Left" only means he is not there anymore but does not specify if he left walking or driving. More likely than "odjet" would be "odejit" , tedy "odešel", because one way or another he had to walk out of the premises regardless of what he did once he was outside.

The second issue is that "Odjíždět" is imperfect aspect. It is an activity that takes course over some time. He left and was gone. So, even if he drove into the restaurant on a bike and now fled on a bike, we would have to say "Odjel z té restaurace bez placení"


Navrhuji přidat do možných i překlad restaurant jako restaurant. Dnes sice řídčeji užívaný, leč stále plnohodnotný český ekvivalent, který Duolingo nesprávně označuje jako chybu.

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