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  5. "Eu descrevo o dia a dia."


"Eu descrevo o dia a dia."

February 10, 2013



Is this really "day by day" as in what happened each day during my vacation, or "day to day" as in daily schedule of the household


"I describe the day to day." Don't see why that's incorrect.


Agreed, and "to" or "by" have different meanings. Also they didn't offer "by" as a choice.


This sentence doesn't make sense in English unless you really are saying that you describe the day by day instead of by night!


I still don´t get what the sentence means. Can anybody make an example of where this sentence may be used? tks!


Sure! Dia a dia means "day to day". As in daily routines, or everyday life.

1) Minha médica pediu um relatório no qual eu descrevo o meu dia a dia. My doctor asked for a report in which I describe my day to day (routines, daily activities) life.

2) Antes de casar, vamos morar juntos por seis meses para ver como será nosso dia a dia. Before getting married, we will live together for six months to see how our everyday lives will be.


Thanks a lot! So it´s used as a noun. Now I get it.

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