[Improvement] Vocabulary wording list (wrong words, unknown words) takeover from courses/tests

Hello all,

it got to my attention that not ALL (wrong) words are correctly added to words learned list for the application "Review flashcards".

IMHO this applies to questions / vocabulary:

  • a) 1st intro / comprehension language test
  • b) tree checkpoint tests
  • c) skill "Test Out" (Freitesten) tests (bypassing individual single 1+ lessons of a skill) on the right side.

For the DE->EN course I choose the summary / checkpoint tests or at least the "Test Out" (Freitesten) skill testing scenario on the right side, so I do not have to pass each small lesson training within a skill/topic.


I definitely had some words WRONG in the tests and the wrong word WAS NOT added to the words list. So I can not practice the wrong / weak words with the "Review flashcards" tool as they are simply not asked?!?

This also got to my attention when the tree checkpoint tests (with the many many questions) had longer sentences and I failed because of one missing vocabulary word.

Why are those wrongly answered questions / words not registered?


Why is it not possible to mark one or more words in a (longer) sentence, click the right mouse button and click the "A+ symbol" in a context menu: "Add to vocabulary/words list"?

The vendor "Digital Publishing" does it like this for it's EN/FR courses.
So you can manually create your own WEAK words list.

They also use separate 5 index vocabulary card boxes which you can manually put all/some WEAK words of skills/topics or from "My word list" into.
Words only move from 1 to 5 index card boxes as you know some successfully (repeated).
And you can also individually train each index card box.

Best would be to combine the index card boxes with Memrises spaced repetition / watering process but improving it's design flaws:
It misses additional card boxes to be able to break out from the watering review process for "fully learned words" after 180 days or using Anki's >180 days spaced repetition algorithm to avoid having to review too many (old) words daily.

III) More complicated sentence translation from DE->EN

I do not even always know all DE word to EN translations. So I fail to put the English sentence translation correctly. Either I have to skip the question or if I enter it 1-2 words may be wrong.

Why is it not possible to mark those "unknown words" from the DE (source language) left side in a forward translation too?
Or mark one of the wrongly entered EN words from my own sentence on the right side?

There should be a word LOOKUP function when you right-click a word.
We are also missing sentences examples how to put the looked up / added words in context.

IV) Unknown words within correct and alternative solutions

It would be great to be able to add (unknown) words (e.g longer sentence) from the solution section from the bottom incl. shown solution alternatives to your practice words list too!

Maybe it would be nice to extend "DuoLingo Words" on the top with failed, unknown and index card registers besides "... (e.g EN) words learned"?

What do you think? Do other learners also experience the same side effects like me?

BTW: Great webapp! I also love the flashcard training. Wish you all the best for your future development.

Best regards from Germany

Thomas Heiss

October 27, 2016


Down Votes:

May I ask all down voters what exactly from these suggestions is either
- in-appropriate
- non-relevant

or what your problem may be with my written text?

Does it need any improvements to understand it easier?

Why do you not just give an honest written feedback but instead hide behind some silly forum feature stuff like negative votes?

Do you really think that this isn't rude when someone comes up with concrete suggestions to the DuoLingo programming team?

Do you know me? Have you spoken to me in person before that you are allowed to judge?

I already regret that I tried to make some suggestions.


October 28, 2016

From my troubleshooting thread "Web words training does not use words from vocabulary list (1-2 bars), used from skills?":

I am re-testing words review flashcards with my DE-PT course:
My words list does NOT contain "acontece happens" (not before and not after).
A) Clicking 2-3 times on review flashcards shows me once the PT word "acontece" on the 2nd/3rd run.

This NEW word is clearly taken from any previous finished skill (not so many on my PT tree).
Sorry, I can NOT remember what finished skill it may be related to or if I learned it before.
As it is NOT in the word list I probably have not learned it before --- answered the question (or whole sentence) in a lesson wrong or just skipped it (not knowing).
B) Clicking on "I was wrong" button for the PT word "acontece" within the flashcards review still DOES NOT ADD this NEW word to the "learned" words list.
C) Running review flashcards again does NOT bring up the new PT word "acontece" anymore, even for 2nd/3rd/4th runs.

Question 1 to DuoLingo:

What is the point that "Review flashcards" selects new / un-trained words from skills when it does NOT save that NEW word within the vocabulary list as "UNLEARNED / WRONG" or LEARNED (1-bar) for later more often reviews?

I would be more than happy if NEW vocabulary would be added by (web) flashcards review or by lesson/strengthen training.
According to the many existing threads there must be somehow an internal programming bug which does not add all shown/learned words to the words list.
Questions 2 to DuoLingo:

2.1) Do you have any plans to replace the words flashcard with a new words tinycard application for the web?

2.2) Are you already developing a new version at the moment?
If yes, what are your plans for a release date?
If no, are you aware of all the trouble threads, bugs and what are your plans for the release date of a bugfixed words flashcard web version?

November 20, 2016

My short German explanation from today:

You just have to scroll down a little bit as I can not link direct comment ids, sorry.

November 20, 2016


Besides that the whole DuoLingo "auto-add word" code from skill practice/lesson to words list seems not 100% to be working:

Here are my Portuguese results where I am doing lesson by lesson + some more often strengthen skills:

  • 305 words in learned words list
  • 10 of 15 words were chosen from 1 and 2 bar level strength / learned words list
  • 4 words from 1 bar strength
  • 6 words from 2 bar strength
  • rest of flashcards include also (some, at least two+) 4 bar strength words
  • I did not check if rest of 5 words are all from learned words list or 1-2 are maybe also chosen from skills (like in DE-EN)
  • the latter happend to me in previous review flashcards trainings (words also from skills, not from learned words list) where the prompted words are NOT added to the list laters
December 2, 2016
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