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  5. "Ich trinke Alkohol."

"Ich trinke Alkohol."

Translation:I drink alcohol.

October 27, 2016



Die beste Medizin.


I got "I do not want therapy" right before this one. Somehow they feel like part of the same statement...


+1 for the humour. Someone had voted you down.


We know you do, Duo.


Is there a difference between alcohol (beer wine, liquor) and medicinal alcohol (rubbing alcohol)?


Alcohols are a whole family of chemical compounds.

Take some carbon atoms. Draw connections between some of them so they are all connected. Each carbon can have only 4 connections though, not more. For ones that have less than 4, add hydrogen atoms until they have 4. Now swap one hydrogen for OH group and you have an alcohol.

Of course, there's a whole lot of ways to arrange carbons so there's a lot of different alcohols. However, big molecules are heavy and thus not really lively - they don't react as vigorously. Most interesting molecules are the lightest, the smallest ones.

First is CH3OH, methanol, wood alcohol. 1 carbon, you can't get simpler than that. It's the most active of all alcohols - flammable, good solvent, more intoxicating, more toxic. Because of toxicity it gets added to ethanol to make it undrinkable (denaturated). Some people also add it to booze to make it stronger - ethanol alleviates some of methanol poisoning - but it's still a poison, the one that makes you blind or dead. It smells and tastes pretty much like the next alcohol and copper wire test - if you don't know how to do it - is not reliable so beware of cheap booze from sources you don't trust. When you start distilling a moonshine, it's the first to come out - that's why the very first parts are discarded, and second parts are set aside for re-distilling.

Second is C2H5OH, ethanol, the alcohol. That's the first thing that comes to mind when we say "alcohol". It's not as active as methanol, but is less toxic too so people can drink it. It's sold here in pharmacies as "medical alcohol" too. It forms two interesting mixtures with water - one that you can not break by distilling and another is vodka.

Third is C3H7OH, propan-2-ol, rubbing alcohol. 3 carbons and OH goes to the middle one. Due to the way how it gets broken down in the body (through acetone), it's 3-4 times more toxic than ethanol, but also even more intoxicating so you're less likely to drink yourself dead with it. Still not good idea though. Also, it's less eager to evaporate than ethanol, so it gets used in perfume instead of it.

There are more alcohols, of course, but I hope now you more or less have idea about a difference between these three.


3 lingots because of great and interesting chemical lesson :) Also you did it in simple way, so even people who hate chemistry could understand everything :)


I believe it was a german language question. Are there different words for booze and rubbing alcohol?


I'm drinking alcohol das ist richtig √úbersetzung


That's not THE correct translation, but it is A correct translation.

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