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"Der persönliche Raum ist klein."

Translation:The personal space is small.

February 16, 2014



Just to be clear, «Raum» here has no connection to «Zimmer», correct?


raum covers both room and space. so, depending on context, it can be synonymous to zimmer.


Why not 'persönlicher' ?


When the article 'der' is used it is clear that the gender of the noun is masculine, so the adjective doesn't need to show it. However, if the sentence was 'personal space is small' with no article indicator, the adjective itself would have to indicate gender so it would then be "persönlicher Raum ist klein" Here is a reference that explains this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/german/grammar/adjectivesendingsrev2.shtml


I find it easier just to accept that whenever a definite article is used in the nominative case, the adjective preceding the noun takes "e" at the end. Though I suppose it's because of ^^ !


Does this specifically refer to personal space, or can it also refer to a personal room?

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