"Péter magas lányokat lát, nem alacsonyakat."

Translation:Péter sees tall girls, not short ones.

October 27, 2016

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Sorry but this one is a really bad exercise.

Firstly, it doesn't accept 'Peter', and demands 'Péter'. That is definitely overly picky, particularly when other exercises ask for 'Susan' as a translation of Zsuzsa or 'Leslie' for Laszló.

Secondly, it is quite an unnatural sentence in English anyway. "Peter sees tall girls, not short ones". I'd say it's unusual to refer to people like that - the natural thing is to repeat 'girls'. But "Peter sees tall girls, not short girls" is not accepted.


I'd say that using "ones" is perfectly natural, as far as any of these sentences are natural. In my mind, repeating "girls" is not especially likely.

The Duo team leaders did listen and they did fix the Peter issue. Well done to them.


also, by now, the double-girl solution is accepted. :)


"is seeing" is really bad?

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