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October 27, 2016



Why doesn't Duo Lingo teach the actual, complete alphabet. There should be a button where you can see the whole Greek alphabet, the name of each letter, and the phonetic pronunciation of the letter in sentences, like there is in every English-Greek dictionary, and like children would learn in school. We shouldn't be presented with letters that haven't been named and that we can't look up the name of and memorize, in the hope that seeing them in a word without any further explanation will accomplish this automatically. There is a very simple feature you could offer that would solve this problem. The same feature should be available for the Hebrew, Russian, Chinese and other alphabets with very different letters than those in English.


Oh i so agree with you about showing the alphabet. It would be easier to compare the γραμμα letters


Ah, while I agree with you, Chinese doesn't have an alphabet

It's more of a mix of a logography and a syllabary. Because of this, nearly every word in Chinese has a separate character or group of characters. They don't use letters like we do. In English, each letter (roughly) represents a sound, but when you look at a word in Chinese, you won't inherently be able to say it. Altogether there are over 50,000 separate characters in written Chinese, so it would be a little impractical to have a full list :)


Agree 100%....καλη παρατητικοτης


Is there any other word in english that gets closer to the sound or letter that compound the word λουλουδι? thanks !


I don't understand your question.

The sound of λουλούδι might be approximated by the English words "loo, loo, thee" (toilet, toilet, you).


he(she) just want to ask whether their is a English word also has this Greek root


The word λοθλούδι remembers me the colour lilac which a flower.


how am I supposed to type this in Greek if my keyboard doesn't have Greek letters on it?


Go to keyboard settings and add the greek keyboard. Or use a web site, there are plenty of options.


Is the old greek language same as this one


No, not the same.

You will see many similarities -- Ancient Greek is more similar to Modern Greek than, say, the Old English of Beowulf is to Modern English, I would say -- but also many differences.


No. I started this course to continue learning about old Greek after classes, but it's extremely different from this one.


I need the sheet of γραμμα


One day you will need... Positivity! It's not egual "scuba drive".


Audio: elolodhi. Why does the word start with an "e" (a sound like an epsilon)? If it is not the correct way to pronounce the word λουλύδι, then please fix the audio for basic levels.


It does not sound clear at all

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