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Ο χρυσός - το χρυσάφι

Which of the words ο χρυσός, το χρυσάφι is more common?

The "Materials" skill teaches ο χρυσός, but I had previously used το χρυσάφι (which was accepted in the exercise).

Or do they mean different things?

October 28, 2016



They are interchangeble, but the word χρυσός is more likely to be used as the material, and χρυσάφι is more likely to be used with the meaning of "wealth, the gold in the sense of money". But as i said, they are interchangeable. So μεταλλεία χρυσού=gold mines (and in this particular sentence, χρυσάφι is not used), Το δαχτυλίδι μου είναι φτιαγμένο από χρυσό/χρυσάφι=my ring is made of gold, Όλο το χρυσάφι του κόσμου= all of the world's wealth (metaphoric).

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