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New week AND month started today.

I just came to the site and I saw that this week no one has any points! The week starts on Monday, so what happened? Also, more troubling, a new month started today! Why is this happening? Thanks.

February 16, 2014



Thanks for posting this in the troubleshooting forum. This is where these types of reports should go. We're looking into this. Appreciate the bug report! Thank you :)


Thank you for answering! :D


Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience. The problem has been resolved. No data was lost. You'll notice that your weekly XP count is back. The monthly leaderboard will be back tomorrow. If you encounter any other issues regarding this please report it to us here in this thread. Thank you!


My XP for today has been registered, but the weekly total is still missing. It shows as 0 XP for everyone else on my leaderboard.


Yes, the week is reset on Sundays.


Thank you for responding, Luis. I am aware of the weekly leaderboard being reset to 0 XP at midnight, but I'm on GMT, so I've 42min to go, which leads me to believe the bug still persists.


Yes, we're aware of this issue. It will be fully fixed by then.


Worse than that! I did two lessons -- none of those points are showing either!


Yep, I am having the same problem. :/


I know this belongs in Troubleshooting. I posted the no-points-for-new-lessons problem in this discussion, too. But it seems like such potentially widespread problems should be addressed on main Duolingo discussion.

Update This is affecting every person in my leaderboard!


Yep, zero for everyone. But I think it is not the first time it happened. Later on the data will come back.


What about lessons we do today, zero-day? :|


Normally the progress is saved and appears the next day, so the only time I lost my progress was when the app failed to synch it with the server due to poor Internet connection. I know everything's fine if the lesson itself is marked as competed. If not - there go my points...


Good point about the lessons being marked as completed! Thanks!! So far had only done practices. No completes to see. But will go find a new lesson to do!


You will see from the tick mark (on the computer version) whether your points today have been registered. Normally they have, and the problem is just with the all time -- monthly -- daily score.

I have seen this happen a couple of times, and it has always been fixed within a short time (an hour or so), with all the previous data intact.


I asked myself the same question. Any answer about this? I assume that it is an international conspiracy!!!

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Hi everyone! Your monthly points should now be restored. Thank you so much for your patience!


Yeah, I also thought something was wrong...


It's Monday in CST. Problem still exists. Will it be fixed later when DL owls go to work on Monday in pacific time? :)


Yep, it's not working here either, and it's still Monday. I only have 21 points for the MONTH after earning somewhere over 100 points on Sunday alone... Grumble Grumble


My Sundays have always reset my weekly total much earlier than midnight (I think between 1-3pm), even though my streak is still anchored to midnight. I have always assumed that it was just a thing.


I had a 14 day streak but it only shows one... I have logged in everyday



Logging in does not preserve your streak. You must earn at least 1 point before midnight, each night, to keep your streak going. If you are doing a lesson, it must be complete by midnight as well. For more info about Streak and Streak Freeze, see the Duolingo wiki (unofficial) entry about it here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently_asked_questions#Streaks_and_Streak_Freezes.3F

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