"A postás biciklije zöld, ott áll a sarkon."

Translation:The postal worker's bicycle is green, it is standing there on the corner.

October 28, 2016

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This doesn't accept "bicycle" only "bike" as a translation for biciklije.

A general comment: there is not a lot of consistency with the translations, for example "a macska elmegy" may sometimes be translated to "the cat goes away" and other times to "the cat is going away". I am incorrect in thinking either one is an appropriate translation?


Either one ("goes" or "is going") is correct, you are right. And you are right that there is not a lot of consistency. But more correct answers are being accepted, gradually, as people report them.


Somewhat funny, since before this excersize it was always explained that bike would need to be bringa or bicaj.

I actually think it is right to separate the "proper" bicycle-bicikli/kerékpár from colloquial bike-bringa/bicaj, but then kid instead of child should also not be allowed. Everything that means practically the same does not have to be used interchangeable.

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