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  5. "Mae'n gas gyda fi hufen."

"Mae'n gas gyda fi hufen."

Translation:I hate cream.

October 28, 2016



I really need to look at the notes more closely! Running the lessons during the morning commute is probably a factor as well :)


I have the same problem when I'm rushing in the morning!


Am I right in thinking the idiomatic here is "There is hate with me for/of cream"? I originally thought it was saying some "it" was nasty with cream.


The literal translation is as you have written, or perhaps 'It is nasty with me cream'. The actual translation in normal English is of course 'I hate cream'. As explained in the notes, this is one of two ways that the course teaches of saying 'I hate...'


Is her pronunciation of "hufen" correct? It sounds cut off


The -en should be clearer in hufen, but not emphasised.


This one always trips me up because it sounds like "hi" not "hufen"


i'm only using the android app, so i dont see any course notes at all :(


Just use a web browser on your device to access the web version of the course - the notes are formatted properly for phones and tablets as well as for larger screens.

Go to https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/924/hot and see 'Course tips and notes'.

There is only only set of notes for each section or skill, not for the individual lessons, so you do not need constant access to them. You could copy the content to a local file if you want access to them while you do not have an internet connection.

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