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Just completed two practice lessons in iOS app, but now those points have disappeared!!!!

This is awful!! I rely on the iOS app to get in my daily practice. :(

But I completed two practice lessons in the app, and now those points have disappeared!!!! I did the first practice just before J-Steven posted his article (it still said under construction when i posted my comment there).

On the web site the streak indicator had a check mark on it. No problem.

Then I went back and did another practice in the app: my points again went up from ZERO. :( It's as if the first practice points -- which I also watched go up from zero) had not happened!!!

Please explain! Are my word strengths updating? Are the points lost? Will the problem affect every language? :(

February 16, 2014



Thanks for the report. We are taking a look at this right now :)


Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience. The problem has been resolved. No data was lost. The monthly leaderboard will be back tomorrow. If you encounter any other issues regarding this please report it to us here in this thread. Thank you!


It wasn't resolve for me. For the pas three days, I have been losing the progress I make, the app present me with the same lesson again. And I lost my streak. Even if I practice everyday, I am at "0 day" streak


Today I found out that all my lessons are cleared (both on the iPad and browser). I don't see any lessons that i started eventually (french, spanish etc). But the worst part is that my progress in german was disappeared. It is still 10th lvl and shows that I practiced yesterday, but all I can do is to choose the very first basis lesson.


That's awful! Is there any chance you logged in to a different account? Maybe you have a FB linked account as well as a Google Plus? Or an email account?

If none of those sound like possibilities, I hope you create a thread for what happened to you in the "troubleshooting" forum. Help or advice is usually not far away.


I had this problem with the app when it appeared to have the internet connection (it actually let me complete two lessons) but afterwards I noticed that my progress has not been recorded. Unfortunately I noticed it the next day - lost my 30-day streak. Now I am really wary with the app and check my progress in the web interface.


Good idea. I generally do the same. This looks like a widespread problem, though. Check out the link I posted to another similar problem.


Same thing happened to me today. I had completed the sports and economics (up to 5/6) and when I reconnected to my wifi, all the progress was lost. It really sucks. In addition, the economics exercises had quite a few highly suspect sentences but , of course, I couldn't report them or mark them to be reported because they were on the mobile app.


Hey! When you see errors in the mobile app snap a screenshot and send us an email to support@duolingo.com. I know it takes a few extra steps.


Awesome, i'll check what I still have in my photostream. I usually do take a screenshot but I've never sent any. Thanks for the tip!


Update: 5:04 PM Eastern

Just saw on my leaderboard that two people have acquired points. But as far as I can tell, the points from earlier today have not been restored, at least not for everyone.


My iphon was ruined by water. I have anew phone all my french points are gone! I was at 2050 from level 23 now I'm starting from the beginning! Help!

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