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Yiddish course is here!!!

Hello everyone, who wants to learn Yiddish? I think a lot of people want to learn Yiddish here but you didn't find a suitable website to learn from and I think the Yiddish team here on Duolingo is really off, so (Me), (Levi Polasak) and (Israel Polasak) made a huge wonderful Yiddish course on memrise with audio,


The audio is made by fluent and native speakers.

PS:- 1- It is a modern Yiddish and not the standard Yiddish, modern Yiddish is the Yiddish spoken by the native speakers (everyday use), so it is the slang not the standard language.

2- The audio is not complete to all the lessons but we will do our best to complete all the audio as soon as possible.

This course will teach you:-

1- How to read in Yiddish and know the Yiddish vowels and consonants.

2- How to pronounce all the words and phrases as there is audio and written pronunciation in all the levels.

3- The definite and indefinite articles and how and when you will use them.

4- How to practice some basic words and to know the Yiddish pronouns.

5- How to say all the Greetings and common phrases.

6- 60 verbs with their conjugations in all the forms (pronouns).

7- The numbers from zero to trillion and the rankings (places) from first to hundredth.

8- Different types of food, spices and drinks.

9- The family members.

10- All the body parts.

11- Days, Months and Seasons of the year in the jewish calender.

12- The colors.

13- Clothing.

14- The weather and how to describe it.

15- Animals.

16- Places.

17- Question words and how to make a question.

18- The Travel vocabulary which contains the names of a lot of countries, transportation, places.

19- Religion.

20- Demonstratives.

21- Prepositions.

22- 170 adjectives.

23- 60 verbs in the past tense.

24- The future.

25- Time.

26- House and what is in it.

27- Nature.

28- The negation and how to negate a phrase.

29- The Comparative.

30- The Superlative.

31- A dialogue to practice on it.

32- Introduction to the workers on this course (Shoda.Fayez-IsraelPolasak-IsacPolasak)

And at last you will receive a Yiddish certificate to appreciate you for finishing the Yiddish tree.

And there is Tips And Notes on every lesson to explain the important things in it.

So, give it a look and you won't regret :)


October 28, 2016



Congratulations, I'm definitely going to try it out sometime. You guys can work faster than the Yiddish team could ever work.


Only took us like 5 months


It will take ages for the other Yiddish team.


I think they gave up on the course :c


You guys should also consider contributing to the Yiddish course in the incubator. It would be great to have as many resources as possible. Anyway, thank you so much for the time and effort spent on the memrise course. As soon as I'm able to study another language, Yiddish is the one I'm going for.


Thanks very much for your kind words and if Yiddish gonna be the one you're going for so, this course is the suitable course :)


They have tried many times to contribute. Their requests have gone ignored. Perhaps this may change things? Here's hoping...


Maybe who knows? But the Yiddish course here is a standard Yiddish and not slang, we did slang, so if you spoke with a Yiddish person in a standard Yiddish, it gonna be weird, got it?


Basically rarely anyone speaks standard Yiddish, I've met thousands of other native Yiddish speakers and none ever even heard of it. It's kind of like learning Scottish English instead of American or British because it's "standard" (that's just an example). Our Yiddish isn't slang or "wrong", it's just a different dialect, that majority of the people speak. YIVO (standard Yiddish) is more similar to German than Chassidish Yiddish (which I, and majority of Yiddish speakers speak) i hope that clears it up a bit


I love chassidishe Yiddish also like my ancestors spoke in Poland.


Similar not the same.




Magnificent job you guys!


Hi Johan, I look forward to Duolingo offering the Yiddish course. For a flag, how about a black menorah on a white tallis? I prefer traditional/religious Yiddish. I love talking about Judaism and shabbos and Jewish holidays.


Have they given up on the Yiddish DL tree or is it just taking a long time? Does anyone know?


It think it's dead. 2 years that nobody edited it. It could revive with new contributors.


No longer dead, pretty sure I mentioned this before. New contributors, they've updated the incubator post @ https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/yi/en/status


Fantastic news! I hope more people can support the project to get it up and running as soon as possible. I know it must be a huge effort and I hope it's not going to go dormant again. I wish I was fluent and could help out!


Please don't give up on Yiddish! I know many of us would love to learn to keep this wonderful form of language alive. I know I certainly would!


Also, is there a keyboard that provides both pey and fey letters, and/or patach/ kamatz for the alephs? Thanks.


You can buy a silicone keyboard cover of you are using a computer or use an app like swiftkey for your smart devices.


Finally! I've been waiting.


Hi i have been using this course in my classroom for a few weeks now and its great! i have a few edits i was hoping you could make but have no idea how to get in contact with you. Please let me know if this is possible. thank you!


Is memrise free?


Good initiative! I just tried it. But there is a minor problem for me. How can I write out the accents for א as an example?


Oh! Good that you mentioned this point, It is done now


How'd you fix it?


I edited it from the edit then testing in the words


This is fantastic, but how do I access the audio in this course? Or hasn't this been completed yet?


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I was very discouraged by the lack of materials :(, THANK YOU!!!!!


Great! Congratulations!


Such a nice course you have!


The pages are not loading for me. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


It's Chassidic Yiddish though, not Litvak or Galitzianer, so it's similar, but not the same as what's spoken by the majority of non-Chassidic speakers.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, I learned a Dutch with has lots of Yiddish vocabulary. Looking into the list of languages that I can start from English, I wasn't able yet to find Yiddish. Is it already available?


https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/yi/en/status Late reply but nevertheless :) Hopefully by the end of this year

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