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Where are you in your French? (test)

For being free, Duolingo does a great job; but it obviously doesn't get you the whole way in your language learning. Taking a test can help you find your level. Duolingo does have a test, but I don't think it's accurate. Here is a test I liked: http://www.france-langue.com/online-french-test.html I scored 40%
Please post your results and tell me where you are on your French tree.

October 28, 2016



I scored 80%. The data from the self-reported scores (above) are quite noisy, but I still ran a regression that suggests a strong connection between level and score.

Predictions of Model:

Level = 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Score = 0.45, 0.54, 0.63, 0.71, 0.78

(I dropped Ginkkou's score for obvious reasons)


That's some nice predictions buddy - I'm lev 9 and scored 50%. Pretty accurate then :)



I'd like to point out something though.
Je ne suis pas certain qu'elle le fasse and Je ne suis pas certain qu'elle le fera are both correct. The subjunctive is not mandatory in that case.


The secret is that I think Ginkkou may be a native French speaker and possibly an actual French person. That would make it easier.


Yeah, I don't have much merit!


That's okay. We like you anyway.


@ Ginkkou, Your English is quite good.


That test is too easy in my opinion. I got 90% and my French is not that good, really (at least I cannot speak French the same way I speak English or Spanish).


"Please note this test is more recreational than it is pedagogical."


I did it again today (they showed me a similar one, but not the exact same exam, which is good) and I got 95%, but I cannot see my wrong answers.


Have you used other programs/resources besides Duolingo to reach your level? If so, this test if probably way below your skill level.


I've just done the other test you gave (transparent.com) and got 79%, and that was harder, yes.

I have finished several French "trees" here (French from English, French from Spanish, French from Italian, English from French, Spanish from French and Italian from French) and I have also read some French books and texts.

I started studying French (and the other languages, bar Spanish and English) from scratch, here on Duolingo, about 13 months ago.

In the Progress Quiz, I got 5.00/5.00 the last eight times (I do it every two weeks, more or less).


Wow! I never took the progress quiz again after I got 5/5!


yeah, I take the Progress Quiz every two weeks (more or less) in several languages as a review of the whole tree.


I'm about a 5th through my tree and I got intermediate.


50%, although I'm pretty sure it was mostly lucky guesses


Je m'appelle Aurianna et comment allez-vous, les gars?


that is a nice test but i think that the test theuselessweb.com it looks weird and shady with the name but its great really just click the button i found it being bored and searching for cool websites but its still a good test


35%. In my defense, I still haven't mastered all the tenses nor genders. I have quite a bit of work to do if I hope to speak français au Québec. (That is right, yes?)

Edit: Retook it and got a 45%. I've finished my tree, but now I must go back and become an expert with it.


I got 85% on the france-langue test and an 81% on the transparent test. I finished my tree a few months ago.

Once I finished the tree, I started taking conversation classes locally and doing the occasional Verbling lesson to improve my speaking, which was definitely a weak point and the hardest thing to work on on my own.


J'ai eu quatre-vingt-quinze pour-cent mais franchement je ne crois pas que ça veut dire grand-chose. De toute façon j'aime beaucoup faire des tests de ce genre ! :)


I love doing this kind of testing too !


Impressionnant! Je suis un amateur, quarante pour-cent seulement.


70% for me, and I'm about halfway through my tree


I got a 75% and I'm about halfway through my tree. However I am not using Duolingo to learn French but rather just not loose my proficiency in it. I took French for about two years and I really enjoyed the language and I want to keep up with it.


50% I must work on my tenses. :) Merci beaucoup pour le test! :)


I got 55%, which is upper intermediate. I am starting the Infinitive 3 skill in French.


i did it again and got 70 %


10% I just started learning


55%! I've finished the tree, but I still have to review several of the skills before I can use them easily.


95%, but I'm curious what I got wrong...

Why don't they show the correct answers after the test? Now I have no idea...


30% Had 4 years of really poor French in school, not quite half way through the French tree and finding is mostly easy.


I scored 60 percent but found the tenses hard and some of the conjugations plus difficile.


French is a bit complicated for me, can anyone lend a message? Thank you


i got a 59% yesterday i got a 69 today


I got 35%. I'm about a third of the way through my French tree.


Surprisingly, I scored 50%!
Bravo, moi ;)


I got 45%, is this a good score to have?


Better than me!


60%, which I would say is somewhat accurate. 4 years of high school French, long break, did the whole Duolingo tree last summer, keep reviewing as well as watching French movies, Peppa Cochon, and some easier French reading.


I'm level 13 and got 40%. Hope to be of use!


I scored 45% and I am studying Pronouns 2 now. The test has topics I haven't studied yet.


that's a nice test btw i got 70 percent but another great test in my opinion is theuselessweb.com it sounds shady but i found it searching for cool websites and found a french test (it can be whatever language you want to learn)

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