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  5. "Αυτοί είναι διαφορετικοί."

"Αυτοί είναι διαφορετικοί."

Translation:They are different.

October 28, 2016



It's not possible to tell the difference (as a listening exercise) between this and Αυτή είναι διαφορετική, is it?


In these situations we request that the sentence not be used in a listening exercise. I'll do that for this. thank you

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No, it is not! Only context clarifies things in a case like this.


I couldn't tell the difference :'(


I could not tell the difference by listening from Αυτή είναι διαφορετική


I just checked to be sure and it is disabled.


This was supposed to have been removed from the Listening a year ago. If I forgot to do it I apologize. I have done it now before writing. This should not appear again as a listening exercise. Thank you for the notification.


Still getting it as a listening excercise 11.04.2020


Two years later, and I just checked again and see it is disabled. I'll see if there is any way we can correct this.

Please inform us where you had this exercise. On the web, or a phone?


I answered αυτή... about 3 times thinking I had made a mistake somewhere, even after consulting the comments!


The reason it was disabled was because it contained a homophone which of course was unfair.

Please send full information to troubleshooting. including where you had this exercise...web, Android etc.

We this Forum is for language related issues and there's little we can do to fix what seems to be a glitch or other technical error.


Sorry, just re-reading your reply. I am using Duo on the Android app.


It's ok thanks for letting us know. While we are here to deal with language issues we do try to solve some of these other problems.

We think there might be a glitch and we'll see what can be done.


This is still a listening exercise as of 4pm PDT 4/11/2020. I encountered it while using Duolingo on laptop, windows 10, Chrome


Please read the comment exactly above yours, and the others on this page. There is a problem with the system.

You should go to the bottom of this page and find the Help page to post this. This Forum is for language-related issues. We have verified that this audio is disabled...it was disabled two years ago.

Posting here is like asking your school teacher why the elevator is out of order.


Sorry - I saw your comment from 1 day ago asking for information on "where you had this exercise" and I was trying to provide recent and complete info. I guess I don't know what "disabled" means, because i did encounter this audio exercise yesterday. But thanks for the reply.


By "disable" we mean we removed that listening exercise from the course so I was surprised that it was still here.

If we want to find the reason for this mistake we need to know where it was. Was it on the web or the app?


Having read the previous comments, I was also surprised that I heard it. I did hit the "report" button. I see from comments that user KeithMcKay3 also heard it yesterday. I encountered it on the web, basic free version. (Could "plus" version be different?) Good luck fixing the elevator! :->


Yes, and I can hear it too. I've posted this to other teams to see if there is some sort of glitch. I may yet learn how to fix elevators. :-)

Thanks for reporting it.


Yes, I see a few Reports. We do seem to have a glitch.

No, Plus doesn't affect the lessons in any way.


Just reported this as an error, though I see it's been a problem for 3 years already. It's still rejecting "Αυτή είναι διαφορετική". Context: Listening exercise, Web, practice session after previously reaching level 5. Unfortunately the Web Report feature doesn't let me provide a text explanation, so I have to put the details in the Discussion - λιπάμαι, Jaye !


Yes, this was reported long ago and was not used for Listening. Now, however, since a new audio is being tested it has been returned.

You did well to report it; it will help when we are ready to add homophones in the new voice. Thanks for posting here, we need to know what's happening even though we can't take measures.


the question is still there in a listening exercise

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