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"Does it fall here to between us, or there to between you?"

Translation:Ide esik miközénk, vagy oda tiközétek?

October 28, 2016



Could someone review this translation please? "Miközénk ideesik, vagy tiközétek odaesik?"


It is wrong, unfortunately. It just makes no sense logically.
The emphasis in this sentence is on "here or there". Does it fall HERE or does it fall THERE? These emphasized parts of the sentence must be right in front of the verb. In Hungarian, these parts are "ide" and "oda". They are preverbs. You could argue that that is where they are, right in front of the verb. But they have to be separated from the verb in this case in order to receive their own separate emphases. So, it will be "ide esik" and "oda esik". The second "esik" will be omitted as a repeating verb.
And "miközénk" and "tiközétek" need to come after the verb. Why? It is hard to explain. But take these two English sentences. Which one makes more sense?
"You are here between us and he is there between them."
"Between us you are here and between them he is there."

So that's why.

And also because both "miközénk" and "ide" indicate a direction. The same direction. Repeating the same directional indication without anything in-between is redundant, unnecessary, wrong. You have to omit one or the other. These are correct sentences:
"Ide esik vagy oda?"
"Miközénk esik vagy tiközétek?"
"Ide esik miközénk, vagy oda tiközétek?"

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