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"Το λιοντάρι έχει τέσσερα πόδια."

Translation:The lion has four feet.

October 28, 2016


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Remember in Greek: πόδι refers to both foot and leg.


paws? not sure about English:-)

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The leg is the same as in English and the "foot" is a "paw". But remember in Greek πόδι refers to both foot and leg. So, we would still use "leg" here.


I don't know that I really understand this answer. Horses also have four legs, but they have no paws, so if Greek doesn't distinguish "foot" from "paw," saying "The lion has four paws" seems completely sensible as a potential translation. You could be distinguishing the four feet/paws of a lion to the four hooves of the horse (Google Translate seems to indicate there's a word for "hoof"). Or there could be a lion that lost a paw at the "wrist" (i.e. still has four legs) to which you are contrasting the four-pawed lion. [not that I imagine I quite understand how Greek would parsimoniously express the condition of the former lion after its misadventure]


In Greek anatomy is easy.

το πόδι is the foot or leg of any animal

το χέρι is the hand or arm of any animal

το δάχτυλο is the toe or finger of any animal

το άκρο δάχτυλο is the finger- or foottip of any animal

το νύχι is 1. nail 2. claw 3. hoof (also=η οπλή): από την κορ(υ)φή ως τα νύχια/ from top to toe


How does one differentiate between foot and leg in Greek?


Please add "has got"

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Yes, it has been added. Thank you again.

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