"Do you have your license?"

Translation:Hai la patente?

February 10, 2013



Shouldn't it be 'Hai la tua patente'?

October 16, 2013


Hi, 'la tua patente' is not grammatically incorrect, so you could use that type of construction. However, Italians will usually shorten the phrase to simply la patente as it's one of those special terms that mean 'my license/your license/his (or her) license/etc.' The possessive pronoun (mia/tua/sua/etc) can be omitted in this type of example because the owner of the license is implied to be the same as the subject of the sentence. Hope this helps!

January 14, 2014


licence is also a 'licenza'. eg: fishing licence would be licenza di pesca.

February 10, 2013


Is there a difference between a driver's license and a professional license (like a doctor/lawyer/teacher)? Are there any other kind of specific licences in Italian?

July 8, 2014


Is a "patente" a drivers licence or could it be some other too?

June 1, 2015


But the english says "your" ... there's no tuo/tua or anything?? Implications aside, it's misleading.

January 17, 2014


There's an inconsistency in this lesson. Once licenza is accepted,once not. I'll report

May 25, 2015


why don't they allow la licenza?

January 10, 2016

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"La licenza" still not accepted October 2017. Reported

October 18, 2017
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