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"His house does not have a living room."

Translation:Το σπίτι του δεν έχει σαλόνι.

October 28, 2016



WHy is it wrong to say 'το σπιτι του δεν εχει ενα σαλονι' ?


That is one of the accepted sentences. Did you use it? Was it rejected? Which part of the course was it on the Tree, the Strengthen skills, test out, listening or another part?


It is certainly accepted with the "ενα" in the tree itself.


It is accepted with and without ένα now.


Yup, I used it and it was rejected. Not sure what art it was in


I was about to throw in the ενα, but then decided not to.


For better Greek, ένα here is more or less bad Greek, unless you want to emphasize this ένα, so as to express the number, not the indefinite article.


It is not accepted with or without " eva"


Did you REPORT it?

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