"I have swept and cleaned."

Translation:Dw i wedi ysgubo a glanhau.

October 29, 2016

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Are tidy and clean not interchangeable? What are the nuances that make glanhau and tacluso different?

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This is definitely a UK and US variant on English. They're distinctly different activities in the UK but we're aware that they mean the same in the US.

Others have raised this and we've added tacluso are an alternative answer for clean, I'll check that that's the case here.

Thanks for the comment.


I think of tidying as putting things away, and cleaning as in getting dirt off of things. Is that how they are used in the UK?


I think so, yes.


Yes (a Brit here)


Can someone answer the original question? What is the difference between glanhau and tacluso?


See Bronwyn's point above - it summarises the difference. The US and UK English dictionaries seem to agree on the difference between cleaning and tidying.

But... as well as 'cleaning' and 'tidying', glanhau and tacluso also include the English meanings 'cleaning up and 'tidying up' respectively - and 'cleaning up' can also cover 'tidying/tidying up'....

To keep it simple, use glanhau if you are removing dirt and stains and tacluso if you are trying to restore order and neatness.

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