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Learning ESL

I am an ESL tutor. I've searched here before hoping for English to be one of the languages taught. Have not figured out whether it is or not. Can anyone please enlighten me?

October 29, 2016



If you have your UI language set to English, then it is assumed (by the design of Duolingo) that you already know English.

If you change your UI to any of the other languages (that are available) then English will be be an option for you to learn. In some cases the only option.

You can view all the courses if you go here: https://incubator.duolingo.com

In the drop down list on the left choose English as the learning language.

There are currently 22 English courses available, with another 4 on the way. Total of 26 courses.

Soon that should be 23 available for learning, as one of them is about to reach beta.

The 4 that are not yet available will show as Phase 1 (in development).

Phase 2 means it is available for beta testing on web, when it achieves a given quality target, then it enters Phase 3 and it officially graduates from the incubator. Also by then I should also be available on mobile.


I don't really understand your question. Do you mean is English taught for speakers of other languages? In which case, yes, there are many courses offered that teach English as a second language.


Well, I didn't mean to be confusing, and I appreciate the replies. I was asking if Duolingo, specifically, offered lessons for learning English. All of your answers were helpful especially the one that clued me in that my students need to click their own language, after which English will be a choice that is available to them. For some reason I thought when clicking there one would be indicating that was the language one wanted to learn! Thanks again for clearing that up for me. Now I know how to proceed. :-)

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