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"Die Weiterbildung ist manchmal interessant."

Translation:The advanced training is interesting sometimes.

February 16, 2014



It would not accept higher education. I think this word is more often used in English.


"Weiterbildung" does not exactly mean higher education. It means any education for people who already have completed an education, often organized and paid for by their employer, to enhance (hence the "weiter"=further) their knowledge. I am not sure how this concept is expressed in English. Professional training?


"Professional development" connotes a furthering of one's education while employed. For example, I am a teacher and a conference I attend to help make me a better teacher is considered "professional development". Would Weiterbildung be professional development then?


You could also call it "Fortbildung". The difference is that "Fortbildung" is something you do to refresh your knowledge and "Weiterbildung" to learn something completely new.

Just an example from the hospital world: If you would be a nurse an attend a seminar about hygiene in hospitals, that would be "Fortbildung". But if you would do a course, to become a licensed hygiene nurse (Fachkrankenpfleger für Hygiene), then that would be "Weiterbildung".


Yes, I think this is it.


Would learning German on Duolingo be considered Weiterbildung?


I would say higher education and further education are pretty well synonymous in England. Reading the comments there doesn't seem to be a word that exactly corresponds to Weiterbildung.


Higher education and further education are completely different in the UK. Further education refers to college/ A levels, etc, whereas higher education refers to university level education.


The program accepts Continued Education and Advanced Training. It will not accept Advanced Education. ??? It seems to me that's putting rather a fine point on it. I have found some dictionaries that give Advanced Education as a specific translation of Weiterbildung (e.g. BeoLingus, the Chemnitz online DE-EN Wörterbuch).

In fact, I would argue that "Continued Education" is a poor translation as I do not encounter that expression in normal English. Continuing Education would be more the norm. You are far more likely to see Advanced Education than Continued Education as an expression.


I have never heard "Continued education." But I also have never heard "THE continuing education is interesting", which DL accepted. It would either be "Continuing education is interesting" (a general statement) or "The continuing education class (or program or course) that I am taking is interesting" (more specific). But I didn't want to lose a heart for leaving out "the" or for adding a word that isn't in the German. Cowardly of me.


I don't think "sometimes" should be at the end in Duo's example answer. "Advanced training is sometimes interesting" sounds much better. Not sure it's an actual error though. I also don't think "the" is needed because 'training' is an uncountable noun, you wouldn't say "the sports are sometimes interesting" just: "Sports are..."

You wouldn't say: "Advanced training is interesting often", it would be: "Advanced training is often interesting".


True that! Still not accepted. I wrote '... sometimes interesting' and got it wrong. I think both should pass.


The terms “Weiterbildung” or “Fortbildung”, say: Someone wants improving his education. > - At least the names of the education should be named. All is possible (postgraduate study or the qualification to salat-washing at Mac Donalds)


I thing Weiterbildung means post graduate training


the continuous training is sometimes interesting. Not accepted

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