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"Mio zio mi presta il suo computer."

Translation:My uncle lends me his computer.

February 16, 2014



In this day and age, the more appropriate context would be, "I lend my uncle my computer." Really. :-)


My uncle lends his computer to me. is marked wrong..isn't it acceptable?


Sounds fine to me!

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What about "loans" me his computer?


Well, I guess why not


Should "My uncle lets me borrow his computer" also be accepted? I reported it


No. To borrow is 'prendere in prestito'.


What is the rule for switching the subject and the verb? Is it when someone is doing some kind of action towards your? For instance, I kiss him is " Io bacio lui" where as she kisses me is "Mi bacia" Grazie mille!


If prestare means ... Lends or Gives... How is this Give different from ... Dare = Give ???


If you see an Italian sentence with prestare referring to an OBJECT, it is most definitely not "to give", it is "to loan". Prestare can mean "to give" when the thing you are giving is something like your time, assistance or service.

DL shows the multiple translations/definitions of a word for teaching purposes. That does not mean that every translation option is appropriate for the given exercise.

If there was an English sentence "I straighten my hair with a comb" and DL showed you 2 definitions for "comb" in another language and one of them was "the soft part on the top of a chickens head", would you attempt to write the equivalent of "I straighten my hair with a chickens head"?


Using Prestare with an Object.. means loan. Great. This makes it more clearer. Thanks.


I get it, and your explanation is excellent. DL loses that granularity of helping out re: verb-object and verb-non-tangible-thing. That said, given the similarity between give/lend, I'd say it's more akin to getting a sentence like "This is his favorite film" and choosing between "This is his favorite movie" and "This is his favorite photography material". :)


Did you see my answer earlier in this thread?


I did. My ?? is Why is Duo L. giving us the option/definitions of give as a choice?? But then Not letting us use it ?? Same Question SL13 had? It's confusing to tell is it's one of the words we can use for give.. then mark it Wrong. And besides... How is it arbitrarily Wrong in this sentence?? Perhaps his/her uncle DID give them his old computer??? So why does Duo L say No, even if it were/might have been used in that context? Not sure what your First language is... and hope this confusion in English isn't messing you up. If you're fluent in Italian, you probably think we're nuts for being confused. p.s. Some relatives are generous with electronic devices or gifts. So we just want to know why we are not allowed to go in that venue?


So you didn't really understand my answer.


Because my uncle wants his computer back when I am finished using it.

To lend: prestare To give: dare

Gives: Mio zio mi dà il suo computer.


Then Why does the Drop Down box show ... Gives... as one of the explanations for Prestare ??? If it shows it as a useage, why can't we use it ??

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But Duolingo states that Presta means gives or lends. It then disallows 'My uncle gives me...'


You are taking things out of context.. 'to give' is used more in the context of 'to give someone one's attention or to give someone a helping hand' instead of 'to loan someone one's stuff'. I suggest you to refer to a dictionary for things like this rather than just taking bits of information at their face value.


Because it was a loan, not a gift.


Why not "My uncle lends his computer to me"? In English grammar "computer" is the direct object so "to me" would be correct! I don't get it!


I am surprised that that's not accepted. Report it.


I was corrected with "loan", but that's quite colloquial, isn't it..


why doesnt my uncle lends me her computer work. obviously its not the most commonly thought of but it could be his wifes or daighters computer.


"I borrow my uncle's computer" is marked wrong. Is it really?


Yes it's wrong. "I borrow" and "he lends me" describe the same event, but they are two different sentences.

Your sentence is "Prendo in prestito il computer di mio zio".


although I eventually got it right, the audio sounds as if he is saying MIO TIO other than MIO ZIO. Is this the correct way to pronounce this word

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