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"They want the chair and the plate."

Translation:Họ muốn cái ghế và cái đĩa.

October 29, 2016



Why is ‘cái’ required here when it often isn't required for ‘the’?


I don't think "cái" has anything to do with "the." Classifiers are not articles. (That said, I don't have a good understanding of when classifiers are required.)


Classifiers are like assigned measure words. Ex. "sheet" of paper, "stack" of paper, "plate" of food, "cup" of water, "pair" of chopsticks. That being said when speaking, there are times when, at least for me, I omit those words, similar when speaking in English.


This sentence seems out of place in a sentence called "Countries."


I type in "Ho moun cai ghe voi lai cai dia" and they said I was wrong. The correct answer is "Họ muốn cái ghế và cái đĩa" which is the same thing.


Yes, it means the same thing. You can click on the flag to report the your answer is also correct


That happened to me as well.


What's the difference between cái and con? When do you use one instead of the other?


I believe con is used for animals and cái is used for inanimate objects

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