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My 53-day streak will end today because of a Duolingo glitch. What a drag.

I give up. I just don't have the time anymore to do lessons over and over in hopes that duolingo won't freeze on me. Twice today I finished a lesson, only to have duo freeze, rendering my work void of points. Today is the worst day yet for this happening. I tried all the suggestions they sent me when I first reported this phenomenon. None of those remedies worked. I have noticed that many others are suffering from this problem of answering the twentieth question only to lose their work due to duo's freezing up. Since they have not replied to any of my successive pleas for assistance, I can only assume that they are stumped by this problem. I wish they had some people working on this. What a shame. Duo could be so good, but the frustration of having to do lessons over and over is super frustrating, and today I have run out of patience. Grrr… P.S. Yes, I know it's free of charge and therefore I should not complain, but I had to vent anyway.

February 16, 2014



Your streak should be updated to 54 now. We're very sorry about this glitch.


Thank you, Luis. And with OldShoe's advice it looks like I should be able to keep my streak alive by translating when this happens again. It would be wunderbar, though, if the Twentieth Question Freeze Out question could be resolved. :)

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Hi there, We'll make sure that you don't lose your streak today. What lessons are you trying to do, in particular? I assure you that we take the problem of being unable to finish lessons seriously. With many millions of users it's hard to understand every strange quirk that can happen.


Hi Bren, Thanks for getting back to me. I have been away from a computer until just now, and now I can't remember which ones froze on me this time. In a number of past instances I have reported via the "Support" tab which lesson it was that froze on me, but honestly it seems to be random., although 'Dates and Time" seems to be the worst offender. It has happened on my laptop and on my desk computer [Macbook pro, OS 10.7.5, Safari version 6.1.1; Mac Mini, OS 10.8.4, Safari 6.0.5]. There is one common denominator that I have found. Would the fact that it always works fine until the twentieth and final question is answered help to locate the bug?

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One problem we've had is the certain internet providers, especially satellite internet providers, don't properly handle our end of session. Users find that everything works well until they complete their last submission.


FWIW my provider is Century Link (our area phone company/internet/TV provider)-- and it uses wires rather than a satellite to get the internet to our house, although at home on my laptop I am using my wifi. My workplace is a university, so the internet is great, and all hardwired in my office. I wonder why it works just fine when answering the questions, but then freezes at the very end? What's different about that "awarding points" operation?

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During the lesson we 'simply' check your answer. At the end of the lesson we do much more such as figure out which words you strengthened and update them, as well as create a record of what you did that you see on your stream, in your weekly progress, etc. Even that description is quite a simplification. :)


Dang. So there are numerous possible reasons for the freeze. Ouch. :( Should I not bother to report the freezes anymore? Is there any particular information we should be sure to always include when reporting a freeze? Thanks.


I've maintained streaks by going into immersion and translating or editing a sentence or two. It's faster than doing a lesson, and you don't have to worry about freezes so much. Good luck and congratulations.


That is great advice, OldShoe! I did not realize that translating extended streaks. Thank you for that info. UPDATE: It just happened to me again. Was strengthening accusative adjectives, answered all twenty correctly, had three hearts, and it froze. Then I went to immersion and translated one sentence and kept my streak going! Thanks again, OldShoe. You have saved me from a great deal of frustration.


You can also just do timed practice. Answer one right and it counts.


Weirdness update: This morning I completed strengthening of Accusative Adjectives on my tree, answering all twenty questions with all three hearts intact. Duo froze on me. This has become a common experience for me, and I did not freak out, since I learned from OldShoe that I am able to keep my streak going by translating a sentence in Immersion. So, I clicked on Immersion and received the "are you sure you want to do this? All your work will be lost" message. I continued on to Immersion, knowing I would lose my work, but then I would have lost it anyway, because those points never appear, no matter how long I wait for them to do so. So get this: After I translated a sentence on an article about ZDF and hit RETURN, the trumpets sounded! I went to check on my tree and the Accusative Adjectives leaf on my tree had turned golden. How odd. I could swear that there is a duo lingo elf out there somewhere messing with me. :) The internet is a strange place.


Freezing happens to me all the time, but so far only when "Strengthening skills". Next time, I will try the "if freeze then immerse and translate"-workaround you mention. Will be interesting to see.


right there with you man, it happened twice yesterday and once today. As much as I love to translate "The boy is calm" or "The girl has a dress" a million times I think that Duolingo either fixes the problem or changes the 20th translation to "I want to kill myself" (Spanish-'quiero matarme' or French-'Je veux me tuer). I know its free but I got Duolingo because its supposed to be quick and effective. If I wanted something time consuming and aggravating I'd get back together with my ex. Good luck there bud.




It's happening to me too. I come to the last question and hit check and then . . . nothing happens. It just sits there. My computer is working fine, too.

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