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  5. I can't believe this is free!


I can't believe this is free!

I'm having so much fun learning French! I already speak English and Spanish, and for the longest time I have considered taking up another language. I stumbled across Duolingo and just started playing. I'm addicted now, and I might use this as some incentive to plan some travel. I just want to thank the minds and effort behind this app. As people come up with suggestions for improvement, we can sometimes be very adamant and forget to be grateful for something we probably never even dreamed of before. So please know that you've created something wonderful. Keep growing it!

February 10, 2013



Duolingo for president!


I was not planning to learn any languages at all when I saw a post about Duolingo. I went to have a look at it, picked French just to see what it is like... and here I am! Since then, I have finished Duolingo's French course, Busuu French course, met some French speakers, read some books... It's great! In January I returned to learn German =)


glad too, thanks!!!


Same, love this site! Just started learnign Spanish, have been meaning to pick it up for years but I'ma bit lazy (more than a bit) but this site actually makes it fun which is just crazy haha I am living in China and learning spanish, my friends think I'm an idiot. I already have middle level Chinese so when duolingo adds Mandarin I will be doing that too.


As for me, I can't wait Russian brother.


I think you mean comrade.


Don't listen to your friends, they are just jealous.


Yes, very glad I found this site.


Agreed. I use it every day, and my Spanish is coming along much faster than any paid program I've used.


I know! A friend of mine told me about this siite and I was skeptical. I AT LEAST do 2 lessons every day and with the way this whole thing is set up, it's gets very addicting and fun to practice.


Same here, I love the fact that all of this is free. It is very motivating and fun. I am extremely happy and hope to learn three more languages. Thanks Duolingo. :D


I feel the same, totally awesome and motivating


Best site I ever found. This is so much better than BBC! But I STILL can't find a good site for Mandarin. Too bad Duolingo doesn't provide it. :(


What's this link for?


For learning Mandarin Chinese? Maybe this link will work better for you... http://gurulu.com


polabb - memrise.com has a lot of good courses that teach you Mandarin vocabulary, although it's not as useful for learning grammar. It's one of the most requested languages on Duolingo, so I bet they will add it eventually :)


btw, one of the business leaders of dulingo is also the inventor of the captcha - which just as brilliantly crowd-sources tasks; in this instance, the task of deciphering blurred words in scanned books, words that are not recognizable by automated OCR software. My guess is that a million words would be getting converted to text every week using this software. http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/17/study-learning-spanish-with-duolingo-can-be-more-effective-than-college-classes-or-rosetta-stone/


I've tried to learn a few different languages over the years but with little success. Duolingo makes learning a language fun. If I was just following a textbook I don't think I'd practice as often (if at all) but the games style of Duolingo makes me want to push myself to get to the next level. With a bit of luck I'll finish the Spanish course by the end of the year. Thanks Duolingo.


By the end of the year? If you study every day, you'll finish this course by summer! :)


I use it to review my Spanish since no one else I know speak it well enough. I can't wait to try out the French or German.


Totally agree. I've been learning Spanish for 5 years, but have still struggled with speaking. Duolingo has helped so much. Duolingo = Awesomeness! :)


Love this site! Can`t wait for new languages to come-people request them enough=)


I think this site is great ! ! !

Found it by accident in an article on Business Insider, (link: http://www.businessinsider.com/language-learning-apps-2013-2 ). Started the next day (3 today) and am now on level 6 spanish, 3 german, and 2 french. I have been to France, Italy, Spain, and a few others. But I will finally have REAL proficiency after this (hopefully).

I want to conquers these 5 then Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and Japanese. Keep on team, keep on. :-)


This I agree with. Embrace the languages brother!


Loving it here, too. Thank you, makers of Duolingo!


I fully agree with gdlh's comment. brilliant job by brilliant people (both the business leaders as well as the engineering people).


yap, the best web ever. Superb!


That's true :D Thank you, Duolingo that you are free and give so much fun!


I just want to join all those who express their gratitude! Thank You!


Yep yep, this is amazing stuff! Thank you Duolingo, y'all are boss!


I've been learning spanish forever! it is teaching me italian.


fantastic site!! very addictive :)


Me too, love this website, it's an addiction indeed. Kudos to Luis!

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