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  5. "Breakfast: bread and milk."


"Breakfast: bread and milk."

February 10, 2013



Can't you just say "petit-déjeuner: pain et lait" as well as "le petit-déjeuner: pain et lait" or is the article expected in this context?


To be frank with you, there is not much of context to cling to... Therefore, you could use the article or not, and if not, it could be a mention written on a menu or a short reminder of some kind.


I wrote" du pain et du lait". I thought all nouns had to have an article. it was marked correct


You are right and the French translation is not coherent. you could find "Petit-déjeuner : pain et lait" as a shortened version of "le petit-déjeuner : du pain et du lait" on a menu, for example, where there is not enough space to write everything.


there is no "the" in the front, I don't know why it then said it is wrong when I wrote it without "le"


Duo is trying to reinforce the rule that French nouns most often have a modifier. There are exceptions, one of which is when a noun is used in a title.

Whether a noun is being used in a title depends on context and sometimes simply on what the author intends. Without context as this phrase is, it's hard to be completely sure.

If you left the article out because you were sure that this was an example of this or another kind of exception to the rule then you are right to feel disappointed that you lost a heart.

But if you left the article out because you forgot or didn't know that French nouns almost always require a modifier regardless of what the practice is in English, then Duo was correct to take your heart.

I think I should tell you that if you make a couple more such mistakes Duo's Owl will be very disappointed and start to cry and need to go into therapy.


By the way, for consistency reasons I think that "Petit déjeuner" should be considered as a title as well (re. what's written on menus), so without the article. Sometimes "Duo works in mysterious ways".

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