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  5. "Αυτός δεν είναι οικείος."

"Αυτός δεν είναι οικείος."

Translation:He is not familiar.

October 29, 2016



I answered "This isn't familiar" and it was counted wrong, the correct answer being "That isn't familiar"


Does it mean that he does not belong to the family (or to your group of closest people, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc.) or that he is someone you don't know or both? (Maybe it is because I'm thinking in Spanish, where familiar means both family and familiar, and that οἴκος meant both house and family, but family in the sense of the Latin familia, which included both relatives and servants).


Οικείος is someone/somethning you know ie. are familiar with.


So nothing to do with family...


If it's in the plural (οι οικείοι μου) it can mean my family members.


Yes, but in this case it would be a noun, not an adjective...


Not really, άνθρωποι is implied. And can also mean "the people i know" based on context.


Does αυτός here refer potentially to something, not necessarily a person? "It is not familiar," with "it" referring to the grammatically masculine antecedent? If it refers to a person, is it better to use γνωστός or are the two more or less used interchangeably? Οικείος in ancient Gk referred to kin, family, so it makes sense to me if it can refer to a person in modern Gk, but maybe it's better to use γνωστός?


It’s not familiar was marked as wrong. Reported 16 Apr..


Yes, thanks it's been added and thanks for the Report that's the best way to improve the course.

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