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Ukrainian learning

Hello guys, I have been trying to learn ukrainian and Duolingo helps a lot but i would like to find some ways to practice it by listening to ukrainian songs and or watching ukrainian tv series or tv show, or really anything that could help to improve Can you advice me anything, Будь ласка :)

October 29, 2016



Recently I have begun listening to the Ukrainian Independent Radio (click here to listen free on Soundcloud). It airs Monday-Friday and is very useful no matter your level to gain new vocabulary, improve listening skills, and rejoice at every phone number that comes on that you can understand. :)

Listening to Ukrainian songs ( make sure they are Ukrainian many songs are Russian) is also helpful since one often finds lyrics (пісня текст) for them and can take apart the words one by one in meaning.


thank you very much i will go check this radio!


ah yes, i saw your reply to someone else's question, the radio in ukrainian is a great thing, thanks :)


I can suggest some great Ukrainian bands and singers if it helps ;>

Океан Ельзи is essential :'D https://soundcloud.com/okean-elzy Pianoбой https://soundcloud.com/piano-7 O.Torvald https://soundcloud.com/otorvald Один в каное (they don't have an official soundcloud, but they have youtube) https://www.youtube.com/user/odynvkanoeofficial СКАЙ https://soundcloud.com/skayband

These are my ultimate faves, so yeah, just make sure the song is in Ukrainian before lystening because nearly all of them have some songs in Russian C:


thank you :) i listened some of their songs, it seems very good, thank you very much to have shared them!


Pianoбой has the song "Родимки" and I've been obsessed with it for the last couple of weeks, you might also check it out c:


ahah i think i will have to check the lyrics on line to understand, but it seems my ipod will be packed of new songs thanks to you! дуже дякую!

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