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  5. "The pork and the salad."

"The pork and the salad."

Translation:Το χοιρινό και η σαλάτα.

October 29, 2016



Why is it that the first hint for the "the" in front of salad is "το" instead of "η"?


I don't understand. Why is it το χοιρινο but η σαλατα, not το σαλατα ?


Why is it το χοιρινο

Because χοιρινό is neuter, so it takes the neuter article το.

but η σαλατα

Because σαλάτα is feminine, so it takes the feminine article η.

Also, both words should have an accent mark or tonos on the accented syllable: χοιρινό, σαλάτα and not χοιρινο, σαλατα.

Pretty much all words that end in -ο are neuter.

Most words that end in -α (but not in -μα) are feminine.


Thankyou mizinamo. That helps me to understand why it is like that. Regarding the accents the downloaded keyboard I have does not have the accents on it.


PC? Have you tried pressing the semicolon button next to the L button and then the desired vowel?


Sorry for the delay replying - I have been in hospital! Thankyou very much indeed. It works! Steph


Glad that was resolved. Hope you are well. Best wishes.


The new audio of female VO says the letter name ήτα (eeta) when it should be saying the word η. Watch for this issue globally, it occurs in several different instances not just this one.

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