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hi everyone! i would like to progress in english. Someone wants to talk with me?

February 16, 2014

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Hello, who like watch sport on tv ?


I like watch soccer... how about you?


None, i don't anderstand what is the pleasure to watch sport on tv, to be at a match give me to seize emotions, vibrations. Can you explain to me why generally boys like sport on tv ?




hey man, i am actually looking for another website more complex, do you know one ?


Have you ever tried "memrise" ?


euh try "babel" or "BBC english learning"


hi ! I am just on this web site 2 weeks ago, and you ? i don't speak English very good. But, by the end of the year, i would like speak English fluently... Bye! See you soon !


The best free website to practice and learn english is: http://www.manythings.org/


helle i would like learn english because my futur work is tourisme .bye bye


Hello. Can you explain your futur job ?


I'd like to speak english very well because I want to travel to a lot of countries. If my sentence is not good, can you correct me, please?


Yes me ,my name is proupote


Which sport do you prefer ?


proupote, my name is zeus. where are you from?


aw me too ! Nice to meet you ;)


i would like many to discuss with you.It will help me to progress too. But it would must that there is somebody else who speaks very well english to correct us.


the best way to practice English is to say what ever you want to say. then you will correct yourself by listening to other people (native speaker) on radio, movies ... In street, bus .


Hi that's my second day on this website ! and you ? I have also read some books in english like the first tome of Hunger Games and of Harry Potter :) And you ? Do you have all ready read a book in english ?


Hi, nether ! You must have a good level in english to read books in english ! I tried read american short stories.


I think that it isn't very hard when you have a dictionary next to you, haha. I read books during the holidays, when I have the time and when I'm relaxed. :) What is the author of this short stories ? They will maybe be my next readings. ;)


Sorry, i don't remember the name of the author. Can you gime some advice to progress in english ?


You mustn't be scared by making errors. You have to try and we don't care if it is false. Someone can correct you ! I think that in English if you want to succeed, it is better to talk. So, the best way to learn english is to make a trip in a english speaker country. ( That's what I did last year with my english euro section class : I went to London for a week. This summer I was alone during 3 weeks in a training course of theater in USA (in english of course)) But you can also speak with a correspondent with FaceTime or Skype to improve your oral English. That's nice too ! You can read books : by example Mathilda by Roal Dahl is a easy one to start or you can watch series or films in VO so in English with french subtitles for the beginning, then with english subtitles (because sometimes the accent is very hard to understand). So I hope that my advices will help you ! ;)


Thanks for your answer. Do you use english in your job ?


Hi I am new and you speak well I can talk with you if you want ???

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