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Duolingo is acting strange

I just completed Lesson 1 of Verbs: Model, and although I received credit for completing the lesson, I did not see the 'completion screen', receive any points, or have my streak extended.
Once I cleared browsing history, cleared download history, deleted cookies and emptied the cache, I was able to complete a quick timed exercise, and received 1 point (the graph at the end said I had earned 13 points - 1 point for timed and 12 for Verbs: Models), but my leader board still has me at one point.
As far as I'm concerned, my problem is resolved, but it seems others may be having this problem, so I'm just sharing my experience.

February 16, 2014



This was a bug and should now be fixed. Let us know if you encounter it again.


Thanks for keeping on top of things!


My problem is the sound quality. The sound breaks up a lot on the duolingo site but not on others so I know that it is not my system.

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