February 10, 2013


How could I infer the gender of the adjective here?

If it is unknown, you use masculine.

That's what I did. Legere (accents) is the feminine form, right?

Masculine: léger Feminine: légère

Right. So back to my question: why is the feminine correct here?

Oh; I see. I typed it as masculine, and it was also marked "correct". :)

In general, though, if you are talking about a group of mixed-gender objects or people, or if it is unknown, you use the masculine.

That makes sense - I mean, it's the same as in Spanish. Maybe it was a bug in the answer key, or maybe I'm misremembering what I saw - but I don't think that's the case.


What is means that I´am light?

What if I'm asking for a light? (for my cigarette)

If I have an international keyboard on a Windows 7 computer, how would I get è? I know an apostrophe and an e gets é but how do I get it the other way?

I think, you can find these characters in the symbol case

For me it's on the right of the "P" key. Also either combinations "ALT+138" or "ALT+0232".

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