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"A lot of different people arrive here from the poor countries."

Translation:Sok különböző ember érkezik ide a szegény országokból.

October 29, 2016



Why not "Sok különböző ember ideérkezik a szegény országokból"? Is there some sort of special emphasis at work here?


Yes. Your sentence puts the emphasis on the verb since you chose to leave it intact. So, what do a lot of different people do from the poor countries? They arrive here. That is what your sentence is stressing.
The sentences above, on the other hand, just speak about what is happening in general, or about who arrives here.


Thanks (yet again) for your useful explanations.


I cannot figure out the emphesis in many sentences ... Any tips?


Reminds me of the pictures of refugees in Keleti palyudvar.


What's wring with idejön

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If you put 'A szegény országokból' at the beginning and leave the other words in the same order, would that work?

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