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"Péterhez nem megy egy lány sem."

Translation:Not a single girl goes to Péter.

October 29, 2016



I thought that "sem" required the use of the word "either". And in the past, "egy" has always meant "one" or "a". What is it here?


Egy ... sem is "not a single..." or "not even one..."


They keep rejecting their own sample answers. What is the point of that? What is a student supposed to learn from that?


how would one say "A girl is not coming to Peter either"


Péterhez sem jön egy lány


I put "not one girl goes to Peter" but it wasn't accepted. The computer didn't understand that not one = not a single.


Something needs to be done with this - there is NO WAY we could be able to come up with Not a single girl goes to Péter from Péterhez nem megy egy lány sem. At the minimum, the egy and sem should be highlighted to note that "Not a single girl" could be drawn from this. It's going in my notes as "nincsenek" and "sincsenek" would be.


Just to be slightly facetious, does this mean that the married ones do!

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