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  5. "Er de negative?"

"Er de negative?"

Translation:Are they negative?

October 29, 2016



How do you pronounce negativ and negative?

The TTS is really confusing.


Negativ vs. negative.

I don't know phonetics/IPA, but negative has more of a pronounced "e" at the end.


The speaker in the negative link clearly pronounces a V sound, unlike the W sound in negativ. I think that's a mistake (though I'm obviously not a native speaker).


The linked pronunciations are correct :P


I just asked a Native Dane and he disagrees.

According to him:

  • Negativ = ne-ga-ti-w

  • Negative = ne-ga-ti-u

In either case, there's no V sound (and the same is true in the words positiv/positive).



I can't reply to your latest message so I'll do it here. After asking again, I was told that pronouncing negative/positive with a V is not the standard form, and despite the fact that this form of pronunciation is prevalent in some (rich) areas of Copenhagen, it sounds pretentious and snobbish.

Again, this is just what I've been told and definitely doesn't come from any personal knowledge I have.


I asked a couple of native Danes, and there is a dialectal difference: people from Copenhagen tend to pronounce it the way it is in the recording; it's also how I pronounce it. Some people from Jutland (or maybe even Fyn, I don't know about this one though) will pronounce it the way the person you asked does.


It is not a mistake. A consonant is always devoiced in the final position, when not followed by a vowel. Please note that only vowels are ALWAYS voiced, irrespective of the position.

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