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  5. "Αυτοί είναι ανάμεσα μας."

"Αυτοί είναι ανάμεσα μας."

Translation:They are among us.

October 29, 2016



Why not "she is between us"? Βy sound couldn't that just as easily be "αυτή είναι ανάμεσα μας"?


I assume this was found on a listening exercise. Please give more information, otherwise, we have no way of knowing. If it were listening yes it would sound the same so we will have to delete it. The listening is not in the hands of the team and the bot doesn't know how words sound but chooses sentences at random. We've had this problem before and I'll try to get to the bottom of it.


Just got it in a listening exercies again. Wrote αυτή and got marked wrong. I guess the problem isn't fixed yet.


Well, as you know it's been reported. I'm sorry I know it's confusing and annoying.

[deactivated user]

    I just had the same experience. It is a listening exercise with no clues. The audio is: Αυτοί / Αυτή είναι ανάμεσα μας. I didn't lose a heart or anything because I was doing it as a review, but I originally typed "Αυτή" instead of "Αυτοί". This was just to bring it to your attention.


    Yes, I see it's back. We had managed to delete it 3years ago but Duolingo is now testing a new audio system and it appears they've included this sentence.

    We'll remove it again. Thanks for letting us know.


    I've just found it on a listening exercise ( strengthening pronouns) and on hearing it does appear ambiguous between feminine singular and plural, but I never quite know if there's a subtlety of pronunciation that isn't audible to a non native speaker.


    Αυτή and αυτοί are pronounced exactly the same (and by the way, also αυτί - ear). Context is necessary—also for native speakers—to know which one of these is meant.


    Yes, of course I forgot αυτί I'll add it. We are reporting all homophones so they are not used on listening exercises.


    I had this problem with the preposition re-cap on a listening exercise


    Go easy on her! No more info is needed - "it SOUNDS like" tells you it's a listening exercise. And it seems it still hasn't been reported. I'd report it if it wasn't so difficult on a cell phone to know the lesson name (without having to exit the test).


    Got me too. I used αυτή.


    As you can see from the comments above this sentence was disabled 3 years ago because of the confusion caused by there being other words that sound the same...homophones.

    And there have been no comments until now. Why this suddenly came out we here do not know. Our job is to help with language-related issues.

    Please use the Help channel to report it. see the bottom of this page for the link.

    And be sure to give a lot more information. Where you encountered it? What the reply was, the corrected sentence etc.


    Yes, homophones αυτοί - αυτή, indistinguishable by ear on a listening exercise: "αυτή είναι ανάμεσα μας

    Correct solution: Αυτοί είναι ανάμεσα μας. Meaning: They are between us."


    I had this experience on the previous αυτή which was marked wrong. I got it right this time but only because I knew I was marked wrong before. So could you check the previous αυτή as well? Thanks


    Sentences with homophones should not appear in Listening exercises and there had been no problem for the past few years. However, it seems that with the new audio that's being tested the homophones have been reintroduced. We are disabling any we find.

    Glad you were able to avoid a problem this time. We'll try to get all such sentences removed as soon as we can.


    It still doesn't accept αυτή


    I'm afraid this is not the place to post this problem this forum is for language-related discussions. Of course, we have made the problem known to Duolingo and now we are waiting.

    Please, report that on the exercise page.

    or here


    Thank you for your help.


    Another problem with this as a listening exercise. My Greek isn't good enough to get many of these words right away, so I listen to the slow version. Listening to the slow version for this, there seems to be an extra syllable at the beginning of "μας", so it sounds something like "ουμας." Reported.


    Thank you for the notification. Yes, it is a bit odd. I see you've added it to the incubator so it will be picked up by Duo.


    "αυτή είναι ανάμεσα μας" is now again marked as incorrect in the listening exercise


    If you read the other comments on this page you will see that we have been having problems with the listening for this sentence. We deleted it 3 years ago and there were no problems until recently. But we have reported it.


    I had it in a listening exercise and "αυτή" was not accepted as correct. 2020 May 2nd


    Καλησπέρα. Παραμένει το θέμα με την εκφώνηση (όπου δεν υπάρχει γραφή) η οποία μπερδεύει


    Still there today, 8 July 2920.


    Wow nine centuries later remains the same!!! :lol:


    αυτή should also be correct (iso αυτοί)


    Not fixed yet


    The problem is that the word "Αυτή"=>"she" and the word "Αυτοί"=>"they" have the same sound in Greek. Maybe the exercise should be changed to distinguish these two.


    Yes, with the change in the audio system this problem has come back. We need to delete all of them one by one. thanks for the input.


    On Google translate i found "einai metaxi mas " so you can forget about why " afti or not aftoi"


    It is also correct to write: [Αυτοί/Αυτές/Αυτά] είναι ανάμεσα μας. as well as " [Αυτοί/Αυτές/Αυτά] είναι μεταξί μας."

    So, don't be in such a hurry to decide what can be forgotten.

    Please see here to find the translations you need etc



    And check out the Greek Forum here with more links.

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