"Egy kicsi, fekete bogár mászik fel a székre."

Translation:A little, black beetle is crawling up onto the chair.

October 30, 2016

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why maszik fel and not felmaszik


I am also confused by this


Why is it "mászik fel" and not "felmászik"?


In this sentence, both versions are okay.

"Egy kicsi, fekete bogár mászik fel a székre." (focus: a small black beetle)

"Egy kicsi, fekete bogár felmászik a székre." (either neutral, or the focus is "felmászik" )


Thanks! So Duolingo then wrongly rejects the second version it seems.


mászik fel would be used during that "neutralization" that jzsuzsi mentions - the shift in focus/neutralization, question words/interrogatives, and also during negation. If you see a NEM or a QUESTION WORD in a sentence like this, then that is a strong clue that the preverb needs to be detached and placed after the stem verb.

If I am incorrect, let me know.


Yes, why? I am wondering too.


I was expecting "mászik fel a székre" to mean "climbs up onto the chair." For "climbing up the chair," I would have expected the Hungarian to be "mászik fel a széken." Is that sentence even possible?


Yes, it is possible, and I guess the differentiation is not that important in this case.

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A small black bug crawling up onto the chair. - Egy kicsi, fekete bogár mászik fel a székre. (It is crawling somewhere and will get to the chair.)
A small, black bug is crawling up the chair. - Egy kicsi, fekete bogár mászik fel a széken. (It is crawling on the chair.)

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