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"Does this share taxi go to the post office?"

Translation:Ця маршрутка їде на пошту?

October 30, 2016



НА пошту можна іти, щоб відправити листа. А їхати можна ДО пошти. Це я вам кажу як українка


Would до пошти be correct?


I would say it sounds even more correct. на пошту is used more commonly in the context of a person heading to a destination where they are going to do something, like "I'm going to the post office" - "Я іду на пошту" (to send a letter), but "Я іду до пошти" (to meet with someone at the entrance, for example, where the post office serves only as a landmark). Here, до пошти will be preferable.


Yes, it would be correct.


Hello, what about 'у пошту', rather than 'на пошту' - would that be wrong in this context?


I've asked this for similar questions, and I was told no, an and u seem to mean similar things but are not interchangeable. I haven't yet grasped what is the difference. I suspect one means at a destination and one means in a destination or near a destination???


what case is пошту?


I don't understand why у посту (accusative case) cannot be used. In a previous question у Одесу (to Odessa) was the correct answer?


I heard it explained like this, if you are immersed in something у is used, if you are around or near something НА is used. In this example if you were у посту, you would likely be a facilities person, working inside the walls or roof of the building.

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