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Lack of Sound Files is Killing my Vibes

Would really appreciate it if more sound was included, especially in the initial word introduction parts of the lessons.

October 30, 2016



Agreed strongly. I understand there is no TTS system, but how hard it would be to record those words individually? I'd like to see DuoLingo make this a priority. Many sites, like Forvo, already do it, and you can use the Google TTS system as a supplement, but it's not the same as having it all in the lesson.


I couldn't agree more. Learning Vietnamese WITHOUT audio is IMPOSSIBLE since it's a tonal language. So it's very sad but this course is totally useless. Shame.


I wouldn't say it's totally useless, but it requires you to consult external resources heavily in a way that the other DuoLingo courses do not.


This is technical issue from Duolingo. We're sorry about the inconvenience.


Can someone notify me when audio is working again? I mean you might as well not offer it if you're not going to have audio for the language...I can't even get through one lesson without it.


Totally agree. I was looking forward to basic Vietnamese, but my experience with people who learn Chinese (another language that Duolingo should include) from books is scaring me away from even trying if there are no sound files.

One possible dodge is to use the EuroTalk app for basic pronunciation and get on Duolingo when you're done with that.


Some of the languages have a lot of audio. One would think that Vietnamese would have the most, given that it is a tone language, but unfortunately, this is not the case. I, too, hope they remedy this soon. Being as it's been four years since you wrote this comment, I am not holding my breath.

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