Translation:A millennium is not a century.

2 years ago


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The millennium is not the century. - tại sao lại sai? Câu hỏi như đánh lừa vậy, Đáng lẽ phải ra đề là: Một thiên niên kỳ không phải là một thế kỷ.

1 year ago


we were told from the start that if there is not a "mot" in front of the word, then it is "the". Now they are changing the rules with no explanation. Just please explain, is all.

10 months ago


My guess is one of those exceptions. "The millennium.." refers to a specific one and "A millennium..."refers to it generally. That's how I guessed this one.

7 months ago


Yes, the lack of explanations and the loss of vocabulary creates only frustration and the sense you're spinning your wheels here--memorizing "right answers" to put down isn't really learning. I started to answer "a" or "one" then thought exactly as you, 'must be the'.

7 months ago


In all the other sentences when it's "a decade" or "a century" or whatever, MỘT precedes the word, so why not in this case???

5 months ago

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For me, "millennium" is harder to spell than "thiên niên kỷ"

2 years ago
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