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Speaking exercise not working

It works on my old phone and on computer but on S7 edge when a speaking exercise comes up and I click on it to speak it instantly ends and turns off the microphone so no further speaking exercisers come up.

I've turned it back on in settings dozens of times I've even uninstalled the app and reinstalled but it still turns the microphone off every time. Is it a problem with the S7 edge? Has anyone else had this problem?

October 30, 2016


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I know this is an old post, but i have a clue. On my new phone, that I've bought recently, the speaking exercises worked. But after disabling Google Assistant and couple of other voice recognition apps from the phone (i don't like battery drainers) the speaking exercises had just disappeared from my daily lessons.

March 26, 2019


I can second that this works! I turned on google assistant (settings - google - google account - scroll sideways two times - turn on speech and audio activity - manage activity - set up google assistant.)

And now the toggle appeared in my duolingo app, turn 'speaking excersises' on, and voila!

June 21, 2019


Indeed, this worked for me as well! Thanks a lot! After over 300 days of Duolingo I can finally do speaking exercises :D

September 3, 2019


I have a similar problem, only my speaking exercises has completely disappeared from my settings! I just started learning french too :(

February 6, 2018


This has happened to me as well. I have sent feedback and wrote a new review of the app on Google Play. I am on 66% in German and am taking four additional languages. The SPEECH EXERCISES toggle has totally disappeared from the settings though remains in the description of the app on Google. I am also on a 178 day streak and would like to actually pass the 66% point in the one language by speaking. I have some experience speaking Spanish as I have taken two years of it formally. Please help us out here Duo! Slainté Danke Gracias

February 6, 2018


.... speaking exercises has completely disappeared from my settings!


February 6, 2018


Thank you, though my Mic does work and was turned on, I am using the app on my phone. A Samsung S7. Yes it has permission to the mic. I even tried it on chrome and though in the settings it recognized my Mic, it never gave me a speech exercise. Oh well I guess they think we can all afford an extra $120/yr unfortunately I cannot. Thanks again.

February 6, 2018


Oh well I guess they think we can all afford an extra $120/yr unfortunately I cannot.

Buying "Duolingo plus" will not solve this issue.

You can send a bug report via

February 7, 2018


I've done do as stated now twice, Thank you, they just thanked me for submitting it

February 8, 2018


i have one day i started to do duolingo when i noticed there was no sound i asked my mom and she didn't know what happend so i couldn't do duolingo that day i checked the next day and it worked that might happen to you to

August 25, 2017


Exercise was impossible to get right as only a few words showed up on the screen. I have a screen shot

June 6, 2019


Voice settings on a computer and on a phone are independent, I believe.

June 20, 2019
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