"The universe is huge."

Translation:Το σύμπαν είναι τεράστιο.

October 30, 2016

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Is the combination μπ pronounced MP between vowels? I remember it being pronounced B, but is that only at the beginning of words, as in μπαρ?


It;s MB inside the word, b in the beggining.


Thanks. I'm sure we were taught that way back in the alphabet lessons and I simply forgot it.


Why not also "Ο κόσμος είναι τεράστιος"


It's not wrong but ο κόσμος does not necessarily refer to everything=universe, unlike the word 'cosmos' in English.
In general, ο κόσμος means the world or the people/crowd. Since the exact translation of universe is σύμπαν, no context required, I suggest sticking with that. ;)


Κόσμος was suggested though, when I clicked on the underlined word to see a tip. Maybe it shouldn't have been.


Surely not. It has been removed, thank you for the observation. ^.^


το συμπαν ειναι πελωριο got refused. is it incorrect or not?


You see, all languages have many different adjectives of this kind - describing size, appearance etc. Sometimes they may be synonymous, while in other cases there may be nuances that have to be explained. In any case, "τεράστιος" is definitely the most common word, just like "huge" is rather than "humongous", if you will. It's better to keep things simple in the exercises so that it's easier for learners to memorize the required vocabulary. Such comments can always be answered in the comments section, however.

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