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"No, these beds are not made of water."

Translation:Nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízből vannak.

October 30, 2016



How does "vízből vannak" translate to "made of water"? It sounds like just "from water" to me, no "made"-type verb involved.


I have a feeling this is similar to the Clothing lesson. lenni was used for "wearing clothes" there, too. I referred to it as "the clothes make the man".
Yes, I got burned for not knowing this, costing me a +15XP.


"The bed is not out of water." is the literal translation. I don't think this makes sense in English, or does it? Hungarian means "made of" although I am also not sure if this really makes sense in Hungarian either. Water is a little hard to stitch, glue and cut or whatever... can only be filled inside of something or make things wet. An ice cube is made of water, but a bed?

A nadragok pamutbol vannak.
The trousers are made of cotton.
Literal "are out of cotton"


"nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízből készültek." is wrong. Really ? Why ? Is it because Hungarian lesson are still in Beta ?


It is not wrong, just not accepted. Most probably because of the Beta situation, yes. Reporting it might help.


I was only familiar with készíteni:
készülni - to prepare, get ready (intransitive - no object)
készíteni - to prepare, get ready (transitive - object)
készség - readiness, skill, willingness


Why is it incorrect without "vannak" but with everything else the same?


Nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízágyak. (?)

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