"No, these beds are not made of water."

Translation:Nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízből vannak.

October 30, 2016



How does "vízből vannak" translate to "made of water"? It sounds like just "from water" to me, no "made"-type verb involved.

December 21, 2016


"The bed is not out of water." is the literal translation. I don't think this makes sense in English, or does it? Hungarian means "made of" although I am also not sure if this really makes sense in Hungarian either. Water is a little hard to stitch, glue and cut or whatever... can only be filled inside of something or make things wet. An ice cube is made of water, but a bed?

A nadragok pamutbol vannak.
The trousers are made of cotton.
Literal "are out of cotton"

June 12, 2018


"nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízből készültek." is wrong. Really ? Why ? Is it because Hungarian lesson are still in Beta ?

October 30, 2016


It is not wrong, just not accepted. Most probably because of the Beta situation, yes. Reporting it might help.

October 30, 2016


Why is it incorrect without "vannak" but with everything else the same?

May 13, 2018


Nem, ezek az ágyak nem vízágyak. (?)

May 26, 2019
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